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Case of the Month – Treatment Options

The Aortic Association is proud to call for cases for the Case of the Month. This month’s focus is the XXXX. All accepted abstracts will be available on our website. We are happy to receive abstracts on the following topics: XXXX   Submission Guidelines: Include a short letter of motivation Include CV Abstracts must be...


Aortic News

16 July 2021 5th Edition 2021AORTIC ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER Dear Friends, Welcome back to another edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to announce that COOK MEDICAL has also joined the Aortic Association initiative as our latest Premium Industry Member, joining our efforts in fighting aortic disease. 14 April 2021 4th Edition 2021AORTIC ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER Dear...


Webinar Program – 2021, August 26

SESSION 117:00 – 17:36  PANELISTSTBC VOTING MODERATORTBC 17:00 – 17:03WELCOME 17:03 – 17:14Type A aortic dissection with rupture- always emergent surgery or simple pericardial drainage? Voting & Discussion 17:14 – 17:25Aortic arch rupture- FET, hybrid or all endo? Voting & Discussion 17:25 – 17:36Descending aortic aneurysm rupture- TEVAR- and then? Voting & Discussion INDUSTRY SESSION17:36...